Optimus Sourdough

Introducing an exceptional handcrafted multigrain Optimus sourdough baguette, skillfully crafted with the perfect blend of sourdough, and an abundance of nourishing grains and seeds. Including rye, brown linseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and oats. This bread is meticulously prepared using traditional German production methods, with a focus on extended maturation times, ensuring the utmost flavor development.The result is artisan loaf with a semi-open crumb structure, offering a delightful interplay of textures. Indulge in the richness of its taste, enhanced by subtle roasted notes and a gentle lactic acidity that adds depth to every bite.

Optimus sourdough bread adds that special something when served as part of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You will love to eat with your favorite soup, scrambled eggs with cheese, creamy mushroom sauce, and original german 3 Berries Jam.


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Wheat flour, water, whole wheat flour, brown linseed, sunflower seeds, oat flakes, barley malt extract, salt, fermented rye flour, sourdough (hand-made), yeast, roasted malt flour (barley), antioxidant, emulsifier from vegetable source.

May contain traces of soya.

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