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Our Story



Our bread is prepared in a traditional hand-baked way, by artisan bakers in Germany. We use exceptional ingredients and lots of delicious dough for our breads, and bring into your home the great look, taste and texture that German breads are known for all over the world.

We use natural sourdough, which is known for its excellent health benefits. Our breads are baked in a wood fired oven and this creates the fantastic bread flavour.

In Germany, bread literally sustains German culture, and nutritious wholegrain bread has always been baked long before the organic health food renaissance. As we use the wheat germ for our flour, which is the most precious part of the grain, our breads are vitamin-rich and nutritious.  Hence, this high-quality bread may even enjoyed by people who are sensitive to gluten, and is also suitable for vegetarians and customers who follow a vegan diet.

With you, we are turning the UAE into a brot.heaven! 



  • We love bread and we are passionate about quality.
  • We are committed to bake perfect bread, warm and fresh throughout the day.
  • We care about our customers and their well-being, and offer high quality nutrition and the unique aroma of bread.
  • We are honest and reliable, and value our customers’ feedback.
  • We follow high standards and professional service.



Did you know that baker’s craft is a highly regarded trade, and German bakers complete a high-level, creative training that most other countries do not have?

So, it is no surprise that our products are freshly prepared with best wheat, German spring water and salt, hand baked in Germany and Abu Dhabi.

Our brot.shops are in the UAE, in your residential area and in your neighbourhood. Just stop by and select your favourites from our wide-range products.

We know that sometimes it is more convenient to order from your home. We provide a 24/7 delivery service for your daily bread. Simply order online, via phone 02 556 5775 or WhatsApp 054 305 1106.

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