Daisy Dough

Our Daisy Dough Bread artisan white sourdough baguette formed into a traditional artisan loaf  and flavorful artisan loaf that is perfect for anyone who loves the taste of natural, homemade bread. Made with a simple blend of wheat and rye flour and baked in a wood-fired oven, this bread has a full-flavored crust and a moist, fluffy crumb that is perfect for sandwiches and toast. The sourdough gives the bread a unique, natural flavor that adds an extra layer of depth and complexity. Due to the long fermentation process sourdough breads are much easier to digest then regular breads. It’s adds that special something when served as part of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You will love to eat with your favorite soup, scrambled eggs with cheese, creamy mushroom sauce, origimal german 3 berries jam.

If you can’t live without Baguette this is the healthiest easiest to digest option. And so tasty!


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Wheat flour, water, sourdough (hand-made), fermented rye flour, salt, yeast, antioxidant, emulsifier from vegetable source.

May contain traces of other cereals containing gluten, soya.

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