Vitamin Bread (375g)

A balanced and varied diet combined with a healthy lifestyle is incredibly important. The Vitamin B1 in this bread assists the normal function of the nervous system. The bread’s Vitamin E helps protect our cells from antioxidant stress.

Our german bread plays an important role in all three meals, and healthy wholegrain breads are widely found. The least caloric, nutritionally dense breads in this category are Fitnessbrot, or Vollkornbrot.

These moist and flavorful breads are made from healthy whole grains like rye, spelt, wheat germs and seeds like sunflower, linseed. Try them at breakfast; they’re especially tasty served toasted with butter, jam or honey. Or later in the day as the basis for an open-faced sandwich with Bavarian blue cheese topped with sliced radishes.


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Ingredients: Water, wholegrain rye, natural sourdough, sunflower seeds, linseed, wheat germs, salt, agave syrup, yeast.

Allergy advice: May contain traces of sweet lupin.



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