Don’t throw it away: A new recipe with older bread Pimp your Muesli

You need: 500 gr. old rye bread or another whole grain bread – whole grains...

The 5 most interesting facts about bread

Every German eats an average of 85 kg of bread every year and even, if...

Let’s celebrate Oktoberfest at brot.

The month of October must be something special: The temperature is going down and we...


German Farmers Bread is a jewel in our selection

It’s made from deliciously healthy wholemeal rye, wholemeal wheat, wheat germs and roasted rye flour. And on top there is lots of natural sourdough in this 500g German Farmer’s Bread. Sourdough is full of vitamins and minerals, protein and prebiotic. They even say that sourdough lowers your blood pressure.

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An Exquisite Gem

Vienna Croissant as a brot. specialty

Did you know that our butter croissants are of Austrian origin, dating back to 1838? An Austrian officer founded a Viennese Bakery in Paris. The French were inspired – and so the triumphant progress of the croissant began. Enjoy within four hours to experience its full heavenly taste.

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German Guglhupf

In late Medieval Austria, a Gugelhupf was served at major community events such as weddings, and was decorated with flowers, leaves, candles, and seasonal fruits. The name persisted through the Austro-Hungarian Empire, eventually becoming standardized in Viennese cookbooks as a refined, rich cake, flavored with rosewater and almond.

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