Artisan Farm Bread (450g)

Germany is also known for incredible bread! Introducing Artisan farm bread, it has the most saturated rye aroma and taste while still having that incredible wheat-tender crumb.This classic bread made from two types of flour is a great addition to first courses. The ingredients that are used to make artisan farm bread are quite minimalistic. Ingredients include sourdough starter, salt, wheat flour, rye flour. Indulge in our artisan bread, crafted with a blend of premium whole wheat flour, and a touch of sourdough culture for that irresistible tangy taste. Enriched with wholesome bran and fermented rye flour, our bread boasts a perfect balance of flavors and textures, complemented by a hint of natural antioxidants and an emulsifier derived from vegetable sources. This wonderfully soft bread has a ruddy crust and an exceptional aroma, making it a great choice for sandwiches with cottage cheese, hummus, onion, and egg.


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Wheat flour, water, bran, sourdough (water, wheat flour, sourdough culture), salt, fermented rye flour, yeast, emulsifier from vegetable source (sorbitan monostearate).

May contain traces of soya.

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