Caramel Pretzel (130g)

Our German baker has introduced a new product called the Caramel Pretzel. Taste the simple pleasure of a Caramel Pretzel, a classic European delight. Each bite brings together different textures – light dough with a soft inside and a crispy outside filled with caramel cream, creating a chewy center. Balancing softness and sweetness, the flavor is both familiar and wonderfully unique. Whether you enjoy it alone or with a hot beverage, a Caramel Pretzel embodies European culinary tradition. Serve it for breakfast alongside juice, hot coffee, or milk. Order our Caramel Pretzel today and enjoy the taste of traditional German baking at its finest.


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Ingredients : Wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, butter, caramel cream.

Allergen: May contain traces of cereal containing gluten.

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