Fresh Orange Juice (330ml)

Our fresh orange juice is a tantalizing blend of handpicked, sun-ripened oranges, offering an explosion of natural flavors in every sip. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, our orange juice is a refreshing way to boost your immune system and stay hydrated. Whether enjoyed as a revitalizing morning drink, a vibrant addition to smoothies, or a zesty base for cocktails, our fresh orange juice is a delightful companion for any occasion.


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Orange pulp cells, sugar from fruits, range cell sacs, pure squeezed orange juice (not from concentrate), citric acid.

Nutritional value of fresh orange juice:

The nutritional elements important for orange juice are calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

Orange juice is rich in nutrients, especially vitamin C. It’s also rich in potassium, folate, and magnesium. Due to such nutrients and many others, orange juice boosts the immune system functioning. It can also help reduce the risk of diseases and the formation of kidney stones.


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