Artisan Rye Roll (45g)

Our Artisan Rye Roll is a small bread roll, made with rye flour and often featuring a light brown color and slightly sour flavor. Discover artisan rye sourdough mini rolls, exuding the delightful fragrance of dried fruits and honey, accompanied by robust hay and earthy tones. These delectable rolls also offer pleasing hints of nuts and malt. A burst of intense flavors and the pleasing fruitiness harmonises with powerful toasted notes. Handcrafted from a blend of wheat and rye flours, these mini rolls are leavened with both liquid active wheat and rye sourdough, resulting in a truly unique taste. Their rustic allure is further enhanced by a dusting of flour, adding the finishing touch to these flavorful creations.


Item: L4900016


Wheat flour, water, rye flour, fermented rye flour, sourdough (water, wheat flour, sourdough culture), salt, yeast,

roasted malt flour (barley), emulsifier from vegetable source, antioxidant.

May contain traces of oats and soya.

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