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Trust in crumb and crust – Discover our delicious crusts

Why is it so unbelievable important, that a bread has a perfect crust – and WHAT IS a perfect crust?

First of all, the perfect crust is something, that you can feel with several senses:

You can hear it, because the perfect crust crackles and cracks when you sqeeze it lightly with both hands.

You can touch it, because the perfect crust is not too hard and not too soft.

You can smell it, because the perfect crust has beguiling roasted aromas that increase the anticipation of consumption.

But the crust is even more: It protects the soft crumb and when the fresh bread is cooling down, some parts of the roastad aromas are going into the crumb and make it even tastier.

The perfect crumb is soft and traversed by small cavities that make the crumb fluffy.

The secret is the relation between crumb and crust: The crust should not be too thick, as the nutritional values are in the crumb. And last but not least: the water content of the crumb is significantly higher than that of the crust. Experienced bakers know how to bake the bread in such a way that the crust stays crispy for as long as possible – as we do here at brot.!

So, what are you waiting for? Come to one of our shops and discover the harmony between our crumbs and crusts.

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