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Don’t throw it away – the best things to do with old bread

Even if our bread is fresh and tasty for many days: it comes the time, when it’s fresh time is over. As we appreciate bread too much to throw it away, we will give you tipps, how to use old bread for delicate meals. Here one of the most famous recipes, Arme Ritter (Poor Knights – as it was a meal for poor people in former times).


For 2 portions you need:

4 slices of old bread or rolls

1 egg

1oo ml milk

Sugar and cinnamon

Oil or butter for frying (ghee also works)


How to prepare:

Whisk the milk with the egg and dip the bread slices in it.

Heat the fat in a pan and fry the bread slices from one side first.

Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and turn.

They are ready when the sugar is caramelized.


To make sure, that you can enjoy your bread till to the last bite, we will give you more recipes and ideas in our next newsletters!

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