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Funny Names for Bread

Did you know, that Germany has more than 3000 different types of bread? And most of them have mouthwatering names, like for example Old Bavarian Farmers bread, where you can smell already the rye grain, just by reading the word.

But the Germans have a wide range of funny and unusual names for their special breads as well. There are breads called the ROBBER BARON, the ANGELS CRUST, the DJUNGELBREAD, the FLAGSHIP, the GOLDFLAKE, the NEANDERTALER, the MASTERPIECE, the GREAT GUY, even an ELEPHANT BREAD you can find on the list.

Well, we don’t really have elephants in Germany, but many of these names show, how important bread is in the German culture and tradition – and we certainly hat robber barons in the middle age.

We go more for the mouthwatering names, so maybe you start with our Bavarian Country Bread or German Farmers Bread or Apple Walnut Baguette or…..

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