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Don’t sugar coat it? But we do: Try our new Krapfen

We always are convinced about the quality of our products, but this time we really have to warn you, ATTENTION: There is a lot of addictive potential on our new Krapfen. Once you start snacking the little donuts, you may not be able to stop. But don’t worry, it is clearly understandable with the fluffy dough and the delicious filling. And the best ist: we have three different types of Krapfen ready for you:

Our Sugar Krapfen is a German type of doughnut, prepared by traditional recipe. It’s plain, just sprinkled with sugar.

The Choco Krapfen is generously filled with hazelnut spread, while the sweet Vanilla Krapfen is full of irresistible vanilla custard.

So, what are you waiting for: come to our nearest shop and try!

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