Mini Berliner Jam Pack of 4

The origin of the Berliner recipe seems to come from Berlin – but who really knows? This is a snack size derivate of the original Berliners. As a matter of fact, our famous Berliner is a traditional German pastry with a fruit jam filling, dusted with sugar. It is known in all parts of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but according to the area, people call it Berliner or Krapfen. First mentioned in an encyclopedia in 1715, the Berliner pastry was a traditional pastry for the few days during Carnival, before the fasting period before Easter started. Today you can get this sweet kind of a donut during the whole year.
brot. offers this soft and sweet pastry with the long history always fresh – don’t miss to try!


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Ingredients: Wheat flour, red fruits filling, water, sugar, eggs, butter, milk, rapeseed, yeast, salt.