German Organic Mountain Herbs Tea (36g)

Enjoy the 100% natural German organic mountain herbs tea from Germany. Sit out on the balcony, feel the fresh air and imagine yourself in the mountain with a hot cup of German organic mountain herbs tea. The harmonious mix of ingredients such as mint, fennel, lemon balm and rosehip tastes as if it came straight from the herb garden at any time of day. This organic mountain herb tea blend by German combines the best organic herbs from the mountains and fine ingredients like sage, thyme and hops. Blackberry leaves, apples, spearmint, fennel, rose hips and lemongrass ensure a well-rounded flavour. The beneficial properties of the herbs support the respiratory tract and digestion.



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Contents: 20 double chambered tea bags.

The German Organic Mountain Herbs tea combines a natural herbal tea blend from organic farming.

Ingredients: Apples, spearmint, fennel, blackberry leaves, peppermint, lemon balm, rose hips, lemongrass, sage, hops, thyme.