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Bread and salt

Arabic countries are famous for their hospitality – and also in Germany it has a long tradition, to make sure, that no guest ever leaves a house hungry.

As bread was and is accompanying the people day by day and in nearly all situations, bread was always offered, when guests came and it was the most important source of food in the past.

People were praying for their “daily bread” and many proverbs describe the importance of bread.

Bread and salt were signs of wellbeing, of being able to survive. People were bringing bread and salt as gifts and until today it is a very common tradition, to bring it as a special gift, when people are moving in a new house or apartment. This gift means, that in that house should always be enough bread and salt, so it is a wish for wealth and happiness.

So, if you visit your friend or neighbor the next time, bring him a fresh bread from brot. to show your friendship!

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