Avocado and Hummus Sandwich

Avocado & Hummus Sandwich: Our delicious and nutritious avocado & hummus sandwich – made of crispy toasted 
sourdough baguetteslices of avocado, hummus, fresh carrot strips and a good amount of mix leaves and sundried tomatos – takes a classic and 
modernizes it for exquisitely juicy and unbeatable taste!
Whether you enjoy it on its own as a snack, or as part of a lunch or dinner, the avocado & hummus sandwich is sure to become a new favorite.
Order now and treat yourself to the deliciousness of handmade Avocado and hummus sandwich.


Item Code: B023

Ingredients: Sourdough baguette bread with seeds, slices of avocado, carrot strips, humus, Sundried Tomato and Mix Leaves.