German Pretzel Sandwich

When it comes to German bakery culture, it can be agrees that Pretzels (“Bretzel” in Germany) are among the most famous ones. The inside of our fresh Lye pretzel is thick and soft, with soft texture, while the outside is thin and crunchy. It is even believed that the pretzel is the oldest snack food known!

The German Pretzel Sandwich is a delectable and savory snack that combines the rich flavors of a traditional German pretzel with a creamy cheese, chives and savory filling. This delightful treat is perfect for those who crave a balance of flavors and textures in their snack. And the best of it – Pretzels are free of sugar and lactose and are made without any products from animals (vegan) though the filling might contact milk products.


Item Code: B022

Ingredients: 1 German pretzel with cream cheese and chives

May contain traces of wheat, soy, and seeds.