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The 5 most interesting facts about bread

  • Every German eats an average of 85 kg of bread every year and even, if this number is decreasing, bread is still the staple food no. 1 in Germany.
  • 30 – 50 % of your daily energy requirements should be coverd by grains or potatoes. This means, 300 g or approx.. 6 slices of bread per day.
  • Whole grain bread not only provides more vitamins and minerals than toast and white bread, it also makes you feel full longer.
  • Bread is best kept in a ceramic or stone container. The fridgerator is taboo, as this is where bread dries out the fastest.
  • Already 10.000 years ago, a cereal porridge was made from cereals and water. The flatbread was later made by heating the porricge. The loaf known today has existed for around 4.000 years.

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