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Gluten-free Bread with Sunflower Seeds

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Enjoy a selection of German finest bread. The package contains 10x 50g of Wholegrain Breads. The bread is lactose free, soy free and vegan.

Gluten-free bread with sunflower seeds is a traditional German favorite, made by organic bakers using nutty wholegrain rice. Wholegrain rice, also called brown rice, retains its bran and germ, making it a nutritious choice for gluten-free diets. Sunflower seeds, known for their health benefits, are packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Our bread is produced in a dedicated gluten-free bakery and batch tested to ensure it's gluten-free. Whether you follow a gluten-free diet or seek a healthier bread option, our gluten-free bread and buns are perfect for you.

Product Details

This tasty rice bread is made from freshly ground brown rice, millet and corn. The whole rice still contains the germ and the so-called silver skin, which makes it particularly rich in minerals.

Grain products (full grain rice, millet, whole corn, pregelatinized rice flour), water, sweet lupine flour , thickener guar gum and salt.

Cereal products (wholegrain rice, millet grain, wholegrain buckwheat, wholegrain corn) water, sweet lupin flour, sunflower seeds, guar gum, yeast, salt and caramel syrup.

Package Includes

Gluten-free Bread with Sunflower Seeds (375g)

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Gluten-free Bread with Sunflower Seeds

Gluten-free Bread with Sunflower Seeds

Dhs. 29.00

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