Plum Crumble Cake (210g)

Made with a base of crumbles and a combination of bright and dark sponge layers, this cake has a moist and flavorful texture that is sure to delight. The plums add a touch of tartness that balances out the sweetness of the cake, making it the perfect dessert for anyone who loves the taste of plums. The cake is also decorated with hazelnuts, adding a crunchy and nutty flavor to every bite.


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Item H41268 – Big juicy sponge cake with a base of biscuit crumbs, chocolate and vanilla sponge cake and plums, decorated with hazelnuts.

Nutritional Information: Caloric value 336 kcal, fat 18g, of which saturated fatty acids 3.8g, carbohydrates 39g, of which sugars 20g, dietary fibers 1.4g, protein 3.7g, salt 0.28g.

Allergens: Cereals containing gluten, nuts, eggs, milk


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