ROSBACHER German Mineral Water


A favorite of European royalty for centuries, Rosbacher mineral water is a preferred thirst quencher for people with an active lifestyle. Delivered in specially designed safe-storage sustainable crates (6 bottles per crate).

Select this option if ordering Rosbacher for the first time on the website. Regular price is enlarged for the deposit fee of 12AED. Otherwise, please select second option on the website (Rosbacher mineral water 49 AED).


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Rosbacher Mineral Water from Germanyoffers a purebalanced taste and is comparatively low in carbonation and sodium. Rosbacher is a highly-mineralised water of highest quality. It contains Calcium (2 parts) and Magnesium (1 part) in a ratio ideal for the intake of these minerals. Consumed jointly and regularly, they positively influence the performance and ability for regeneration.

Water is delivered in specially designed safe-storage sustainable crates (no soft cardboard or shrink-wrap in sight).

Deposit of 12 AED is included in the price.


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