Multi, Nature, Rye Baguette (420g)

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A variety of baguettes, a mix of wheat bread and seeds, sprinkled with linseed and sesame seeds. That’s variety at the breakfast table.



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Item H28344 – Freshly baked mixed Baguette Wheat bread, sprinkled with linseed and sesame seeds.

 Nutritional Information: Caloric value 257 kcal. fat 1.2g, of that saturated fatty acids 0.4g, carbohydrates 52.2g, of that sugars 2.3g, protein 9.3g, salt 2.75g.

Allergen: Cereals containing gluten and sesame.

1 review for Multi, Nature, Rye Baguette (420g)

  1. Hannah

    My favorite baguette of all times. I eat it with every meal. Truly phenomenal, especially the one with the grains and seeds on top.

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