Kaiser Roll (70g)

The Kaiser Roll, also known as a Bürgermeisterbrot, is a classic German bread roll that is beloved around the world. With its distinctive shape, slightly crispy crust, and soft, fluffy interior, the Kaiser Roll is perfect for all kinds of sandwiches, from deli meats to burgers to egg salad. But it’s also delicious on its own, whether you prefer it with a slather of butter or as the base for a hearty breakfast sandwich. So why wait? Order our Kaiser Rolls today and enjoy the taste of traditional German baking at its finest.

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Item H1512 – Freshly baked classic Kaiser roll made of wheat dough.

Nutritional Information: caloric value (kcal) 263, fat 1.5 g, of that saturated fatty acids 0.2 g, carbohydrates 52.1 g, of that sugars 0.9 g, protein 8.7 g, salt 1.72 g.

Allergens: Cereals containing gluten.

3 reviews for Kaiser Roll (70g)

  1. Tina Scherer

    This is the classical roll, I know from Germany. I love it. It reminds me of home…

  2. Aisha Al Harthy

    I bought some of these rolls for my family and everyone loved it.

  3. Brigitta MATTHES (verified owner)

    Excellent taste but needs to be eaten immediately

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