Chocolate Crumble Cake (170g)

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A special cake with cocoa and chocolate drops, vanilla custard and crunchy chocolate sprinkles.

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Item H41273 – Sliced cake with Cocoa and Chocolate drops, creamy Vanilla Custard and crunchy Chocolate pieces on top.

Nutritional Information: Caloric value 339 kcal, fat 15g, of which saturated fatty acids 4.7g, carbohydrates 45g, of which sugars 24g, dietary fibers 2.4g, protein 4.5g, salt 0.37g.

Allergen: Cereals containing gluten, eggs and  milk.

1 review for Chocolate Crumble Cake (170g)

  1. saifammari369

    i’m very surprised at how this cake turned out. i wasn’t really expecting much but now i know what i’ll be ordering the most of.

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