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Typical German: Schnittchen – from Hasenbrot to Pausenbrot to Abendbrot

“Schnittchen” are something so typical German, that you nearly don’t find a translation for it. It is similar to sandwiches, but different. As a Schnittchen you call a piece of bread, with butter and cheese or sliced cold sausage. To make it “ready” to be served, when guests are coming, Schnittchen are normally decorated with a slice of cooked egg, pickled gherkins, tomatoes and parsley. It is a very common thing to prepare Schnittchen for occasions, when you don’t know, when and how many guests are coming. Schnittchen can be prepared easily in advance and stored in the fridge. In early times, these Schnittchen were prepared for workers for lunchtime, their “Pausenbrot” (eaten during break). In case, they did not eat them all and brought it back home in the evening, it was called funnily “Hasenbrot” (rabbit bread) – because they told their children, the rabbits would have eaten a part of it. When the first canteens were built for the workers and they could buy warm food for lunchtime, the bread was eaten for diner – the so called “Abendbrot” (evening bread). Today it is still very normal, to prepare the “Pausenbrot” for children, for a meal at school.

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