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Interesting to know: The last flourmill of Munich is located at the Hofbräuhaus

Do you plan already your next travel, maybe to Germany and Munich?

Then it is definitely a good idea, to visit the last flourmill in Munich!

Located right next to the famous Hofbräuhaus, the predecessor of today’s mill was built in 1703 by Elector Maximilian II Emanuel as a malt mill for the Hofbräuhaus. But even before, this place was already the address of a mill (since 1570).

The Malzmühlbach flowed under the mill until 1967. When it was shut down for the construction of the subway, the wheel of the mill was dismantled and the mill’s power supply switched to electricity.

In 1988 a small shop was set up on the ground floor, where the mill products are sold to end consumers.

The Hofbräuhaus Kunstmühle ist the last mill to produce in Munich.

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