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Marble Cake for every weekend

If you hear Germans speaking about cake, most of them can remember, that during their childhood they enjoyed mostly the weekend, as on Saturdays, their mothers were baking a cake for Sunday. One of the most preferred cakes is the so called Marble Cake, a mixture of white and chocolate dough.

The biggest Marble Cake ever, mentioned in the Guinness book of records, was baked 2017 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a weight of 732 kg.

An even better way to enjoy a marble cake is its “upgrade” with cherries and a butter crème – we call it “Donauwellen” because with a bit of phantasie it looks like waves on a river, but in Germany it is also known as “Snow White Cake” because of the colours black, white and red.

Our Marble Cake as well as our Donauwellen comes in easy to eat and easy to transport sizes – so sweat up not only the weekend with a piece of cake.

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