German Pretzel – A history of more than a thousand years

25 February 2021 | Brot Blogger

Did you know, that the German pretzel (Brezel) is the oldest so-called “image pastry” in the world. The baker’s guild in Germany has a pretzel in there signet and the pretzel is a traditionell sign of the baker’s trade.

The time of invention is not clear, although there are already paintings of the year 1160, showing pretzels. Pretzels can be sweet or salty, and in former time they were used as special food during fasting periods.

The Swabian community of Altenriet claims the invention of the pretzel and has therefore organized a pretzel market on Palm Sunday for centuries. The city of Speyer is celebrating their “Brezelfest” every second weekend in July and they even invented a Brezel soup.

Since the recipe is still the traditional one, we now present it in our modern shops – visit us and try!

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